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Minister Tifatul quotes Adolf Hitler on Twitter

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Minister quotes Adolf Hitler on Twitter

Hans David Tampubolon
The Jakarta Post
Publication Date: 09-04-2010

DENPASAR: Indonesian communication and information Minister Tifatul Sembiring has sparked another controversy on Twitter by posting a quote taken from Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

In his status update on April 8, Tifatul wrote: “the union between two children, when both of them complete each other, this is magic – Adolf Hitler”.

Human rights activist Fadjroel Rachman expressed disappointment in Tifatul’s lack of respect for millions of people killed in genocide perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II.

“A criminal towards humanity, a racist executioner of 6 million Jews like Adolf Hitler is the real enemy of democracy,” Fadjroel said on his Twitter status update, apparently in response to Tifatul.

Tifatul of the Muslim-based Prosperous Justice Party answered a question from one of his followers on that matter, saying he did not have any affectionate sentiments towards Hitler and that he only loved Allah.

Tifatul’s username on Twitter is @tifsembiring, while Fadjroel is @fadjroel.

This is not the first time the two traded arguments on the popular social networking. Previously, Fadjroel criticised Tifatul for his reluctance to greet the country’s Christian community on Good Friday and Easter.


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